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1230KISSKeep It Short and Simple!

1230-010611-DSC_0694-004A place for Twitterviews with Jackie Groundsell – The Business Connector – 1230 The Women’s Company

Fridays (various holidays excluded) I have a Twitterview with interesting, fun and inspiring businesswomen.

What is a Twitterview?
A twitterview is an interview conducted live via Twitter. I invite 1230 TWC Members and special guests to be my Special Guest each week.  Just imagine that you’re having a text chat via your mobile phone, but you use the PC/laptop/iPad instead – you could use your phone I guess, but I’ve not tested that!

Because it’s live, anyone following #1230KISS can join in, comment and ask questions of my guest, or me.  Or, as some do, just lurk – enjoying and finding out more about my guest.

The Twitterview is posted to this Blog 1230KISS  and the Twitterviewee’s photo is posted to the  KISS Pinterest Board

Don’t use Twitter much, so feel a bit anxious about the process?tchat_pic
No problem!  We’ve discovered tchat.io  As long as you have a Twitter account, you can just type into the  tchat.io white box  1230KISS .  You will then be able to Follow/take part in the conversation AND tchat.io puts the Hashtag (#1230KISS) in for you!  AND, you can always have a test drive with me before going live!

Why 1230KISS?
To add to the face-2-face networking connections, Twitter seemed to me to be the ideal forum to help 1230 TWC Members have a greater reach, make more connections, so why not have interviews in this way.

No really… why 1230KISS?
Stuck in a traffic-jam one day, I pondered what to call my idea.  Immediately in front was a learner driver, the name of the driving school – KISS.  Eureka! Of course – Keep It Short & Simple!  Exactly what Twitter offers in 140 characters.

Anywhere you like and have a signal!

What’s not appreciated?
Spammers.  Spammers will be blocked and reported.


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