Snippets from Joanna Slater – 31 January 2014

JoannaSlaterJackie:  Good morning everyone and special guest Joanna @joannaslater how are you?

Joanna:  Good morning Jackie and everyone lovely to be here

Jackie:  so glad u can join us, plse tell us something abt your biz

Joanna:  written a book The Last Six Months, about my mother who went into hospital for a hip op, still in hospital died in 6 months  Jackie:  plse tell us more, what’s been your gr8est challenge?

Joanna:  My story was in Mail on Sunday, had over 1000 hits on blog, emails from 100’s people, which I replied to, opened up a can of worms

Jackie: very emotive….

Jackie:  so what keeps u awake at night currently?

Joanna:  Re launching The Last Six Months, also the book My Notes, building an awareness campaign to write everything down when in hospital

Jackie:  tough for u, is there a link where peeps can buy book?

Joanna:  Yes my website

Jackie:  gr8, thnx

Jackie:  when did u start to network, has 1230 TWC been useful for u?

Joanna:  Well today’s a start. I have only just started to network, and it’s really exciting especially with the help of 1230

Jackie:  gr8 that u found us thru lovely Ali’s web site! @costawomen do u prefer to work with maverick or entrepreneur?

Joanna:  A Maverick, as I also think outside the box, and seeing ideas in a different way, also I’ve got guts

Jackie:  Yay! Go Girl!

Joanna:  Thanks

Jackie:  What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Joanna: Haha, got married and divorced twice

Jackie:  On your business epitaph, what would it say

Joanna:  Strength In Numbers which is my motto in my book and on my blog

Jackie:  If u were one biz woman for the day, who wld u be?

Joanna:  Hilary Devey. She came from rags to riches, an entrepreneur, revolutionised the freight industry, also a TV personality

Jackie:  agree gr8 woman

Jackie:  last question coming up Joanna – fabulous having u here today, hope u’ve enjoyed. Joanna:  it’s been great Jackie:  last Q – what’s the best advice you’ve received?

Joanna:  Ask yourself Did I Live, Did I love, Did I matter? If you can say yes at the end of time then you know you have done a good job

Jackie:  when did u start to network, has 1230 TWC been useful for u?

Joanna:  1230 has been fantastic, just starting now so watch this space

Jackie:  Brilliant! thnx again Joanna. Next week same time same place is Sam Cooper-Davidson  @applePA1  gr8 w/e all c u soon

Joanna:  It’s a pleasure being here, thanks Jackie  1230 has been fantastic, just starting now so watch this space

Jackie:  loved having u – speak soon

Joanna:  xxxxxxx 


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