What is the point of a Twitterview?

For the #1230KISS audience to learn about the interviewee and their business, to have fun too.

For other people conducting a Twitterview, this  can be as formal or casual as they wish to make it.   It can have a purpose or just for fun.  Companies, brands, and professionals use a Twitterview to generate buzz on a certain topic or objective. Twitterviews are an effective way to spread the word and give fans and followers the opportunity to be a part of any campaign.

The exciting part of a Twitterview is that everyone following the conversation can get involved.  Anyone on Twitter is able to include the hashtag #1230KISS in their own updates and instantly join in on the discussion.

Applications such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite make it easy to setup a column to follow and take part in the interview using the Twitterview hashtag #1230KISS

Follow us on @1230KISS and we will follow you back, promise!


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